6 Simple Ways to Ground Yourself To Calm Down Quickly

One of the tools I teach my clients to utilize when they feel anxious is called Grounding. When your mind is racing mind, grounding brings you back to the here-and-now and is very helpful in managing overwhelming feelings or anxiety. It is a great way to calm down quickly. Grounding basically means to bring your focus to what is happening to you physically, either in your body or in your surroundings, instead of being trapped by the thoughts in your mind that are causing you to feel anxious. It helps…

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Support in Uncertain Times

We are committed to supporting you through these uncertain times. We will be posting videos on topics to help you as an individual, couple, and family get through this. Please let us know if there are any topics you'd like us to cover. We will get through this together! https://youtu.be/sP55K2zEHuI

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Why You Should Ignore All That Coronavirus-Inspired Productivity Pressure

By Aisha S. Ahmad Let's take pressure off of ourselves where we can during this pandemic. We can't be as productive as we were when we are juggling so much right now. I share the following thoughts during this difficult time in the hope that they will help others to adapt to hardship conditions. Take what you need, and leave the rest. Among my academic colleagues and friends, I have observed a common response to the continuing Covid-19 crisis. They are fighting valiantly for a sense of normalcy — hustling…

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Daily Quarantine Questions

Need help setting up a daily routine for yourself that supports your wellbeing? Here are some questions to reflect on each day to make sure you support yourself during these challenging times. You can do this! If you would like more support, we are here to help- call us at 512-994-0432 or email us at connect@relationshipsmatteraustin.com to schedule a free phone consultation or appointment.

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Do you have difficulty falling or staying asleep?

The free Sleep Restore app could help. Sleep Restore is uniquely designed for sufferers of stress-related insomnia, (eg; PTSD, chronic pain, attachment problems). Insomnia is one of the most common effects of severe stress affecting over 80% of PTSD sufferers, over 50% of chronic pain sufferers and adults with attachment problems. https://youtu.be/WuTUoeLlDjI Attachment is a psychological term for the degree of security that a person feels in their primary relationships (parents, family, partners). Secure attachment is vital for the healthy psychological development of human beings, as well as physical health.…

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Why We Experience Social Anxiety

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBZyFMd6La4When we experience social anxiety our brain is getting triggered. It is perceiving the situation as a threat just like our ancestors used to feel threatened when facing a tiger. Our brain doesn't know the difference, it just reacts very quickly. We experience fight, flight, or freeze and our nervous system jumps in to try and protect us. The reason we experience anxiety is because the situation is tied to a negative belief such as "I'm not good enough, people don't like me, I'll be made fun of". Our brain…

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12 Celebrities Who Talk About Mental Health

Mental illness can totally suck and make you feel completely alone. That feeling can be made worse by the lack of public discussion around the topic. Because there’s still such a stigma around talking about mental illnesses, like anxiety and depression, many people keep their suffering a secret. In fact, the National Institute of Mental Illness shows 20% of young people ages 13 to 18 suffer from severe mental illness. According to Mental Health America, depression in teens is increasing at an "alarming" rate. Luckily, these celebs have opened up about their battles with…

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Important Role Your Nervous System Plays in Trauma Recovery

by Carlene Lehmann, M.A., LMFT In recent years, trauma researchers have learned that the nervous system has an important role in regulating extreme stress and have learned some techniques in regulating it. You have probably heard of the fight, flight, or freeze response which describes our body’s need to seek safety when feeling danger by defending ourselves or running away. Let’s begin by understanding the benefits of a regulated nervous system. How does a regulated nervous system work? A regulated nervous system experiences stress and calming responses through the course…

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