Resources on Racism and Inequality

Black Lives Matter

Out of respect for the recent deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and the many who came before them, we are posting information to help educate on racism and inequality and empower you to help create a new world where we all can be safe, respected, and treated with dignity.

Here are some resources from Esther Perel that we want to share with you:

We’re in a moment that highlights the fault lines in our society.

I ask you to consider the difference between solidarity and reform. To understand that when we say things like “we just want to go back to the way things were,” that we fundamentally exclude those for whom the status quo has always been unjust.

When it comes to addressing the collective trauma that defines the black American experience, there is a systemic unwillingness to recognize the conditions under which our country was founded and to make reparations for these specific historical injustices.

For our continued work as a community, I ask every one of us who benefit from this system to look backwards in discomfort and to have the difficult conversations. To relearn our shared history. And to ask ourselves: What are my blindspots? What specific actions will I take to make this a more just world? Am I willing to engage and to make mistakes?

As a cross-cultural therapist, my renewed commitment is to helping people live their relationships in a society that grants them justice, equality, and dignity. And that means working to make the field of psychotherapy diverse, accessible, and culturally competent. I acknowledge my own white privilege and the responsibility of my platform. Right now I believe it is a time to listen attentively, to accept the discomfort when my own blindspots are revealed to me, and to amplify black voices.

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To further educate and act: