Emotional Mastery: The Gifted Wisdom of Unpleasant Feelings

https://youtu.be/EKy19WzkPxE What often blocks people from feeling capable in life and from having greater success with finances, health or relationships is how they handle unpleasant feelings. Psychologist Joan Rosenberg unveils the innovative strategy and surprising keys for experiencing the challenging emotions that lie at the heart of confidence, emotional strength, and resilience.

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Connecting During Covid

The Covid-19 quarantine and social distancing and the underlying risks creates stress and has big impact on our relationships. Times like this can draw people closer, or drive them further apart.Join sex therapist Dr. Laurie Watson and couples therapist George Faller as they talk about the impact of the Corona virus on our souls and relationship. Listen to Podcast Here

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Rooting Out Racism

George and Laurie add their hearts to the conversation about racism. We need to have the conversations that are uncomfortable. If we’re marginalized, we have to protest – the rage and anger makes sense. As a former first responder, it breaks George’s heart to see the men watching the murder of George Floyd. Where were their feelings? Shut down. Blocked. Trained to be closed. If we can train people to shut down their feelings we can train them to turn on their feelings and be in touch when their humanity…

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Why Do YOU Want to Have Sex? Five Motives for Sex!

Why do YOU want to have sex? George and I talk about the 5 most frequent motives to get it on! Pleasure, Intimacy, Approval, Coping and Procreation. Each motive can be used in sexually healthy relationship as sex serves many purposes for a couple. Sometimes though some motives fail, like when pleasure is never accompanied by intimacy or when the anxious need from approval doesn’t develop into pleasure. Listen to Podcast Here

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What Withdrawers Can Do Besides Walking Away

Knowing that their withdrawal triggers their partner, what can someone who feels attacked or criticized do – other than walking away? Wrestling with themselves and naming their feelings, gives them a moment to feel instead of shutting it down. Recognizing what happens in their body makes some room and space for the withdrawer distress. And becoming curious about their pursuing partners criticism and anger helps them reconnect emotionally. Listen to Podcast Here

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Two Ways Pursuers Can Calm Down & Love Their Withdrawing Partner

Pursuers have beautiful motives to push toward their partners – wanting more connection, more intimacy and more sex. But they often feel rejected and are told they are too much which escalates the cycle. Learn two things that help the pursuer calm down. 1) Remind yourself that you have good intentions to create change. 2) Use an image of someone who made you feel safe – a therapist, parent, grandparent or even of yourself comforting a younger version of yourself. See how taking a wider lens including both peoples vulnerabilities…

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Relationship Quickies- Daily Check In

https://youtu.be/qPA2N98UYYo Want to have more closeness in your relationship? Want to feel heard and understood by your partner? Want to know what is going on inside your partner? This Daily Check In can help you take time to be heard and understood in your relationship. It can also help you know more about what your partner is experiencing on a regular basis, so you can be a support for them and they for you. Taking a little uninterrupted time each day can bring back the closeness you once felt or…

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