self compassion challenge

We know times are hard right now. There is a lot of uncertainty. We can come out of this stronger.

We want to help support you through this difficult time with tools that can help you experience less stress.

Would you like to feel more at home and at peace with yourself?

Would you like to strengthen your inner champion?

You can develop more compassion for yourself through our free 30 day Self-Compassion challenge!

Kristin Neff, a researcher at the University of Texas, discusses that self-compassion is made up of three elements- mindfulness, self-kindness, and connectedness. Through out the 30 days we incorporate these three elements and break them down into simple daily invitations to create more kindness towards yourself.

Practicing self compassion can help you feel happier, less stressed, and more resilient to work through the challenges life can bring.

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You can begin creating daily habits toward a gentler way of being with yourself.

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