Counseling for Couples in Recovery from Addiction in Austin, Texas

You can have a life and relationship free of substances. Take time to heal and gain new and healthier coping strategies.

Are you in recovery from substance use?

Are you struggling in your relationship?

Do you find yourself wondering how to build a healthy relationship?

You are NOT Alone! These are common issues for couples in recovery from substance use.

We understand the struggles you’ve had. We see that you and/or your partner used substances as a coping strategy at a difficult time in your life. You probably felt you had no where else to turn. It was a break from life- a moment to get away from life’s troubles. Now you are seeing the toll it took on your life and relationships. It takes courage to deal with these issues. We see your bravery and strength.

At Relationships Matter Therapy- Austin, our licensed counselors help couples just like you. We support you in building a stronger foundation for your relationship.

Build New, Healthier Patterns in Your Relationships

You may have gone to treatment. You are recovering from the powerful hold substance use had over your life and are looking for additional support for your relationship. You want to learn new patterns- healthier ways of being in the world. You’ve tried and it’s hard. No one showed you how to do life like this.


We can help you become more aware of the old dysfunctional behaviors and develop new, healthier coping skills. We can help you gain more skills in communication, limit-setting, forgiveness, and building a new future together. Recovery from addiction involves a lifestyle change- building new habits to support the life that you want free from the substances’ powerful grip.

Support for the Many Changes You Are Making Together As a Couple

When a couple is in recovery, a lot of changes have to be made. It is important to learn how to manage a household that is substance free and low stress. It might involve getting to know each other again because you have changed focus- you now desire a life without the control of substance use. You are learning to interact as sober individuals and find other interests besides drugs or alcohol that you can enjoy together. You also start to develop new habits and routines of self-care so each of you are getting your needs met. It is not easy, but with support you can do it!

Helping Couples Work Through Emotional Issues

Life can be stressful. It is important to work through the stresses and be able to support each other emotionally. When addiction was a part of the relationship it was easy to turn to that and not address the problems going on in your life and relationship. In recovery, we start to learn how to meet those emotional needs in new ways. It is helpful to have a counselor to support you in that journey.

You may also deal with other mental health concerns, which adds to your emotional stress. Couples counseling can help you work through your relationship problems in healthier ways. It is often that one partner has attempted to use their addictive behavior to cope, while the other partner feels isolated and unsupported. The other partner may struggle with enabling their partner as well. It is important for both partners to work through these issues.

Repairing and Resolving Relationship Problems

couple hands

One of the most significant ways couples counseling can help you is by supporting you in repairing and resolving damage to the relationship that happened when the addiction was active.

While it can be difficult to open up and take a look at these relationship problems, the greatest healing can come from working through your relationship problems together. 

This includes looking at the patterns of lies and secrecy, acknowledging and healing from current or past affairs, seeking and granting forgiveness, and ending patterns of abuse.

We provide empathetic counseling to help you understand how to better support each other on this recovery journey and to come through the challenging times stronger.

It is possible to heal and create a new and healthier relationship! This takes time, patience, and persistence, but you can reach a new level of trust and intimacy.

We can help you develop the tools for a healthier relationship!

“Nobody stays recovered unless the life they have created is more rewarding and satisfying than the one they left behind.” – Anne Fletcher

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