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Restore & Renew Your Relationship: Intensive Couples Counseling in Austin, Texas

You’re looking to jump start the connection in your relationship. To rediscover your safe place with your partner.

When looking in from the outside, it seems like you have it all. A home. A family. A marriage. Friends. Good support. But you never expected the amount of pressure you’d feel trying to keep each of these balls in the air.

You and your partner always talked about the goals you’d reach together. You had aspirations and worked hard to achieve them as a unit. But the more you took on, the busier you became. You pushed forward as a family. And you imagined all the experiences you’d enjoy together.

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Somewhere along the way you lost sight of what was so special about your relationship. You got so caught up in the daily grind that both you and your partner lost the ability to make time for each other. It wasn’t intentional, and you certainly don’t want your partner to feel left out and forgotten about. It just feels like this phase in your life is forcing you to keep moving forward and you’re finding it hard to keep your relationship exciting.

So here you are, still in love with your spouse, but overwhelmed and in need of a reconnection.

The weight of the expectations on your life hangs over your relationship like a cloud. You and your partner’s best hardly seems to cut it, and everyone in your family is feeling stretched thin. It feels like your relationship is somewhat boring and humdrum.

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That’s not to say you thought building a life with someone would be stress-free. Meeting the needs of your family, your community, your partnership, and yourself is demanding. But you had no idea you’d end up feeling like roommates with the person you love. You never predicted you’d be living in a shell of the relationship you strived to build. And you certainly didn’t expect to wonder if your marriage was going to last long term.

When You Come to Relationships Matter Therapy- Austin for our Intensive Couples Counseling

  • You will set aside a specific period of time to dedicate your energy to getting your marriage back on track.
  • You will jump start your relationships recovery and the elements of your relationship you need to improve to get back on track.
  • You will leave our office with a better understanding of your lifestyle and how it is impacting your relationship.
  • You will learn skills to enhance your relationship so you feel prepared to strengthen your partnership on your own.
  • You will receive tangible relationship-building assets such as worksheets and handouts so you can continue to grow as a couple after the intensive is complete.
  • You will complete the intensive with a better understanding of one another and how you might continue that work in regular couples’ therapy sessions.
  • We will tailor the length to what you are needing. Typical length varies from 1/2 day to 2 days.

Which Couples Benefit Most from Intensive Therapy?


This program is for you if you love one another and both want a relationship that works for you, AND you are willing to take a day to focus on your relationship. Couples who prioritize their relationship and are willing to continue the work after they leave the intensive typically find the intensive a great way to ignite growth in their relationship.

You and your partner will benefit from Intensive Couples Counseling sessions if:

  • Your boss, your kids, or your extended family receive more attention than your relationship
  • You’re at a loss for how you and your spouse got so detached and want desperately to reconnect
  • You want help to fix the problems in your marriage and need a service that fits into your busy schedules
  • You and your partner are invested in improving your relationship and you want a springboard to start you in the right direction
  • You want to continue the work you learn in an intensive on your own at home

Many couples find intensives to be an incredibly satisfying and empowering experience, and return from them not only with new tools, insights, and greater clarity, but also more inspired and hopeful about the future.

Ready to schedule an Intensive Couples Counseling session?

There are certain situations where you or your loved one might not be ready for Intensive Couples Counseling sessions with us. These situations include, but are not limited to:

  • Couples in which one or both partners have an active addiction are not candidates for the intensive.
  • If there is an ongoing affair – the intensive is not an option.
  • If you and your partner do not have the same goal for therapy, this isn’t a good format for you. In other words, if one partner wants to work on the marriage and the other doesn’t – an intensive isn’t the place to decide if you want to work on the marriage. When a couple has the same goal, an intensive can be very rewarding.
  • If being in the same room for a long time is too triggering (potential trauma reaction) or you haven’t been able to be in the same space without being civil in a period of time – this format will not be productive.
  • If there is active intimate partner violence, this (or any couple therapy) is not an option. Please visit this site for more information about intimate partner violence.

If you or your loved one is currently experiencing any of these issues, please see our other specialized services.

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