Modern Moms Group


As moms it can be hard to find time for ourselves. Kids, responsibilities, and our partners all demand our time and energy.

Would you like two hours a week devoted totally to you without any interruptions?

Would you like a supportive environment with other moms who get how hard motherhood can be?

Would you like a place where you can just be yourself or figure out who that is now after having kids?

If you said “Yes” to these questions, then we have the group for you!

Please know you are not alone.  Many women, especially mothers, easily take on a care-taking role within their families, at work, and with friends but find it more challenging taking time for their own needs. Motherhood can be all consuming and we can lose ourselves in the process.

But times have been changing. We know that we need to care for ourselves in a way our own mothers didn’t. It can be challenging to find the time if it isn’t on our calendar. That’s where this group can help! It’s a regular time to just be with wherever you are in the moment. Come in your comfy pants with your hair in a bun. It’s all welcome here- the frustrations of carrying all the emotional labor in the family, the feelings of loneliness, the joys of loving more than we ever thought possible.

This 6 week group will help you connect with other moms in a safe and nurturing place where you can explore your feelings, thoughts, and interactions with the goal of deepening connections with yourself as well as others. In this group, we explore ways to be more kind and gentle with ourselves through guided meditation, journaling, and experiential exercises.

We all need face to face time with others who get the struggles and joys! We welcome moms at any stage- expecting to empty nesters.

Small group of 6 moms or less

Modern Moms- Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this group best for?

This group is for moms at any stage- whether you are expecting, your kids have flown the nest, and anywhere in between. It is designed to give you space to rest and relax so you can focus on yourself aside from all the other roles you have. It is a place for you to receive the nurturing and care you often give to others in your life. In this group, we explore ways to be more kind and gentle with ourselves through guided meditation, journaling, and experiential exercises. Being a mom can be so rewarding, but it also has challenges as well. This group provides a supportive community of women in which we can share both the joys and the challenges of motherhood with each other.

I am introverted and feeling ambivalent about joining a group where I don’t know anyone.

I created this group to give those who are highly sensitive and introverted a safe place to come and explore your wisdom. A small group where you can learn ways to be kinder and gentler with yourself as you navigate the stresses in life. There will be private time for reflection and journaling and there is never any pressure to share. We want this to be a comfortable space for you to relax and renew.