Premarital Before "I Do" Workshop & Group

Before "I Do" Premarital Workshop


Before “I Do” Preparing for Marriage Group

Are you engaged or thinking about it?

Would you like to start your marriage off with a strong foundation?

Would you like time to make sure you are on the same page about important issues?

Fun, engaging, and insightful, our 5 week premarital group is designed for partners just like you. Couples who want passionate, fulfilling marriages just as much as they want beautiful, well-organized weddings.

Our marriage experts will help you learn to spot the common hurdles of married life and give you the tools to avoid or work through them. It’s your marriage, we’re just here to help you cultivate the skills you need to define your own happily ever after.

Each class has limited enrollment to ensure that you can get the benefit of a group experience as well as personalized attention. Please note that we value your comfort and privacy. Intimate conversations will be limited to you and your partner: group sharing is completely optional!

Before "I Do" Preparing for Marriage- Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this group best for?

This group is for couples who are engaged or are committing to a long term relationship who want to explore their relationship and learn skills to help them with communication, conflict resolution, strength and growth areas, physical and emotional intimacy, navigating relationships with friends and family, and relationship roles and expectations.

It’s important to take time to discuss your expectations and needs as you make this commitment in your relationship. We want you to have the skills to navigate the areas that couples often find challenging. Premarital counseling provides a constructive format for these issues to be addressed and to hopefully be better understood by each partner.  Not only do you explore the problem, but you learn more effective communication skills to negotiate the problem with each other. 

Is this a therapy group?

No, this group is not a therapy group. It is a psychoeducational and experiential group. This group provides education and information on communication styles, attachment needs, and common issues that many couples struggle with in their marriages. There is time for reflecting, discussing with your partner privately, and for group discussion.

Is this group open and accepting of LGBTQ+ couples?

Yes, it is! While we understand that most same sex couples can also have similar challenges in the typical areas of communication, sex, money, in-laws, parenting, use of free time, and tidiness/chores, you may also need support in navigating the following issues as well-

  • Lack of family support for the couple
  • Lack of cultural and social support for the couple
  • Difficulties of coming out as a couple
  • Additional pressure about determining whether children fit into the relationship