A Virtual Study Group Based On The Teachings Of Eckhart Tolle and other Teachers

Want to explore finding more meaning and understand in your life?

Want to delve more into your own inner journey- your thoughts, beliefs, feelings?

Do you ever wonder what the point of all this is?


We all feel drawn towards attempting to find deeper meaning. We yearn for understanding. But intellectual analysis of our apparent physical reality and investigation into the nature of mind can only go so far because no matter how much we know, still questions remain. This is because thinking and the material universe are only aspects of the totality.

By exploring our inner journey we can come to a realization that there is also a sense of ‘presence’ in the background to our thinking and the experiences of the body. What is this? Has it always been there? Why do I feel that it has a quality of peace?

When we become able to observe everything from this place of peace, we disengage from the express train of our mind, the turmoil of emotion and the turbulence of day-to-day life.

Have we found our spirit or soul? If we do not get caught up in analyzing or naming it, or relying on any religious belief system to define it, we can simply learn to rest there. We find then that we feel at home, and the deeper answers to “what’s its all about?”, and “what’s my purpose?” gradually reveal themselves. As this happens we realize we can participate in life as it flows, responding harmoniously to events and situations.

Join Us In Exploring These Concepts!

This is a donation based group. We will meet 2 times a month- every other week. Each session includes spending time being in a state of pure presence and stillness, and we also listen to readings and interviews with Eckhart. 

Once the day and time is established. You will receive a Zoom link to each biweekly meeting.

This is a study and exploration group. It is not a therapy group although you may find it therapeutic. We are accepting group members from all over the United States.

**New Group Now Forming**

    We are forming a new Presence in the Now Group. If you are interested in being a part of this group, please fill out the form below.

    Please email us at with any questions.

    “So many people are frightened by
    the wonder of their own presence.
    They are dying to tie themselves into
    a system, a role, or to an image,
    or to a predetermined identity
    that other people have actually settled on for them.
    This identity may be totally at variance
    with the wild energies that are
    rising inside in their souls.
    Many of us get very afraid
    and we eventually compromise.
    We settle for something that is safe,
    rather than engaging the danger
    and the wildness that is in our own hearts.”

    — John O’Donohue