Effective Counseling for Anger in Texas

At Relationships Matter Therapy- Texas, our licensed counselors provide a safe space for you to work through the challenges life can bring us.

Are you struggling to deal with your anger- holding it in or having outbursts?

Does anger scare or intimidate you?

Do you want to find better ways of dealing with your anger?

If you do, we can help you learn better ways of working with anger.

Anger is often a misunderstood emotion. It has gotten a bad rap. All we have to do is think of an example in our lives where someone lost it when they got angry and we felt scared.

Maybe you were a child and had an angry parent. You were vulnerable and if the angry outbursts were unpredictable this just increases the fear. Or maybe your parents didn’t get angry and you learned this is something you hold in and don’t talk about. That something is wrong or it is bad if you get angry.

In either case, you weren’t given tools or shown through role modeling on how to handle this emotion which can be strong.

It’s an emotion that many describe with a lot of force. It can cause harm like anything when we express it without being able to regulate ourselves. It’s how anger is expressed that makes the difference.

What are the benefits of anger counseling?

You can learn to understand and manage your anger in more productive and positive ways.


  • Anger identification & Triggers: You can gain more understanding about where the anger comes from and what your triggers are so you can be more empowered to manage it in new ways.
  • Communication: Often anger is caused by miscommunications that result in misunderstandings. Learning how to open up communication makes dialogue easier and more controlled. We can become more assertive and ask for what we are needing and set boundaries.
  • Problem Solving: Anger management helps an individual channel anger better so his or her control and temper are not lost, allowing the individual to analyze situations more objectively.
  • Understanding of empathy: A big part of therapy is learning empathy for others, which helps one party understand the other better, decreasing chances of further conflict or disputes.
  • Relationships: Many people who have anger related issues stay away from their loved ones or are asked to stay away because they can hurt people with their strong emotions — the ones we love are our nearest, easiest victims. Learning to control your anger will help put others at ease about outbursts and better able to focus on your relationship.

Ways We Support You in Counseling at Relationships Matter Therapy

We provide a safe and nonjudgmental space for you to understand more about what triggers your anger and how to work with it. We can help you understand where your triggers come from and tools to regulate your anger.

We can help you learn simple ways to practice mindfulness to process your stress, anxiety, sadness, or other feelings. Being able to be in the present helps us not cause our feelings to escalate, but learn to tolerate and work through them.

Develop more compassion and kindness for yourself and others. Often we are more critical of ourselves then we would ever be with a friend. We can learn to recognize our own needs and those of others to have more peace and fulfillment in our life.

Anger is a signal. It helps us know we have needs that we need to attend to.

Think of the anger as similar to the warning light on the dashboard of a car – it’s giving you useful information about what the engine needs. You wouldn’t want to hide or disconnect or ignore it. You’d want to slow down the car and figure out what the light’s trying to tell you.

Remember, anger is a healthy emotion. Whether or not it’s of concern depends on its severity.

If you have difficulty controlling your temper or your anger comes out in unhealthy ways that could hurt others as well as hurt yourself, it’s time to take control of it.

Left alone, it can negatively affect your relationships and professional career. 

Ready to have a more positive relationship with anger in your life?

“At the core of all anger is a need that is not being fulfilled.” – Marshall B. Rosenberg

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