Does your group, community, or organization have an interest in a presentation or workshop on strengthening relationships, parenting, and personal growth?

Relationships Matter Therapy offers presentations and workshops for small groups, communities, and organizations.


Turn Conflict into Closeness. Feel Closer to Your Partner.
Topics include attachment styles, love languages, communication strategies, understanding your relationship cycle, and strengthening your partnership.


Parenting can be challenging. Gain new skills and confidence.
Topics include infant, child, and adolescent development, setting limits, positive parenting, sibling rivalry, sex education, parenting teens, and communicating with your teen.


Increase awareness, identify relationship strengths, understand your relationship dynamics, and build skills for a life-long relationship.
Topics include values, needs, handling your finances, division of household duties, sex and physical affection, family and in-laws, whether you want to have kids, and blending kids from a previous relationship into this new one.


Personal Growth
Live Your Best Life. Create Ease and Joy.
Topics include setting boundaries, developing self compassion, managing anxiety and depression, grief/loss, stress management, mindfulness, anger management, self-care, and building rewarding relationships.

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