Effective Teen Counseling in Texas

At Relationships Matter Therapy- Texas, we can help you and your teen navigate the many changes they are going through.

Does your teen need support with these issues?

Has your once talkative and happy child become distant and withdrawn?

Is your teen struggling to fit in with peers or find a supportive peer group?

Does your teen have difficulty with school?

Do they have worries and stress they have trouble managing?

Our licensed therapists can help bridge the gap of communication between you and your child.

In our counseling sessions, your teenager or young adult is the client, but we also want you as the parent to be actively involved in knowing what kind of support your child needs from you. There will be times that we will ask you to be involved in a session to support your teen’s process.

Your teen’s responses and reactions make sense when we look at how they developed. We can help you and your child understand what happens during your struggles and help you both gain new tools to manage them.

A safe place to discuss sensitive topics

We provide a safe place for your teen or young adult, so they can have someone to sort through the difficulties that teenagers face today including peer pressure, relationship conflicts, difficulties with school performance, self-esteem, body image, depression, and life stresses.

We ask that you allow the sessions to be kept confidential between your teen and their therapist in order to create an environment where he or she feels safe, however, in the case of an emergency situation their therapist will definitely inform you. 

Our experienced therapists understand the pressures teens and families face today

At Relationships Matter Therapy, our licensed therapists are experienced in working with teens. We enjoy supporting them as they navigate one of the most challenging times in life. We have helped teens with emotional regulation, social skills, peer conflicts, self esteem, exploring sexuality, body image, school performance, anxiety, depression, and more. We believe in each person’s ability to overcome stressors when given compassionate support to work through them.

Get effective counseling support today. Don’t let the struggles continue another day.

We’ve helped lots of teens and families throughout the Texas area overcome challenges and they’ve come to associate our therapists with quality. We’ll love to help you too in any area you’re facing challenges- contact us today let’s get started.

Let us support you during the ups and downs of the teen years.

Teen Counseling: Frequently asked questions

How much does Teen Counseling cost in Texas?

At Relationships Matter Therapy, the price for teen and family counseling is not a fixed rate. Our very competitive price is based on a sliding scale taking into consideration the amount that will fit your budget. That said, it is an investment worth making because building a secure relationship with your teen helps give them the best possible foundation for healthy physical, emotional, intellectual, and social development. It’s a gift that keeps on giving throughout your whole child’s life.

My child is a teenager or young adult. Is it too late to get help?

Our clinicians have experience working with children and teens who have had challenging behaviors and/or trauma and we can help you understand what they are experiencing so you are better able to support them. It is never too late to take steps toward helping your child develop a secure attachment which has many benefits including- being more socially constructive, more empathetic, having greater creativity, and persistence in meeting life’s challenges. It also strengthens their ability to create a strong social network and to build a stable and positive bond and relationship with a partner.

How does teen and young adult counseling work?

At the first appointment, the therapist will meet with both the teen and the parent(s) to agree on the conditions of confidentiality, discuss the goals of therapy, and hear concerns and needs to start developing a therapy plan. We will then meet separately with your child, unless they would like the parent(s) to remain in the room. We like this to be a safe and private space for your teen to discuss what is troubling them without having to worry about filtering what they say, thus giving the therapist detailed information so they can best support them.

We will ask that the parent be involved in some sessions so you can be given support and guidance on what your child is needing at home. We can also speak to school personnel when necessary and with your signed permission to help facilitate a collaborative relationship between school and our therapy sessions.

We offer both 50 minute and 80 minute sessions so you have plenty of time to get your needs met.

How old are the teens you see for counseling?

We ask that teens be a minimum of 11 years old or in sixth grade. However, we will make exceptions for 5th graders who are more emotionally mature. If your child is younger than this we can provide referrals to experienced therapists in the greater Texas area.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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