This Comic Is The Encouragement You Need To Try Therapy

By Brittany Wong


Illustrator Sacha Mardou had her doubts about going to therapy. She thought therapy was for people with “real problems,” and she didn’t really see how paying a stranger to hear her talk about traumas and hurts from her childhood would help.

But as she turned 40 and released her first graphic novel, she found herself heading toward a mid-life crisis ― and she feared she wasn’t being present or in the moment with her husband or young daughter.

So with lots of hesitation, she booked an appointment.

“At that point, I was out of options,” the native of Great Britain who lives in St. Louis, told HuffPost. “Though my life now was wonderful on the surface ― a happy marriage, a healthy daughter and financial stability ― I wasn’t actually enjoying it.”

“With therapy, I wanted to learn how to live happily in the moment, especially when it felt like the external world was becoming more unstable and unpredictable with the Trump presidency,” she added.

Now, Mardou swears by therapy ― and she’s even created a new comic series chronicling her early days and current experiences in therapy. Her hope is that it inspires others with reservations to consider their mental health options.