Why We Experience Social Anxiety

When we experience social anxiety our brain is getting triggered. It is perceiving the situation as a threat just like our ancestors used to feel threatened when facing a tiger. Our brain doesn’t know the difference, it just reacts very quickly. We experience fight, flight, or freeze and our nervous system jumps in to try and protect us.

The reason we experience anxiety is because the situation is tied to a negative belief such as “I’m not good enough, people don’t like me, I’ll be made fun of”. Our brain senses the danger and we don’t feel safe. In order to relieve the anxiety, we need to help our brain and body feel safe.

EMDR, a body-based therapy, can help us with the negative beliefs that we have that causes us to feel anxiety in social situations. It can help us reinforce positive beliefs about our self instead such as “I’m good enough, People like me, People will support me”.

Learn more about EMDR and check out videos explaining the process.

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